Showcase // Taryn Kneteman

From the 20/06/2023

until the 27/06/2023

If dreams are thunder

I only want to see you

only want to hold you, 2023

Light covers, lights, mylar blanket, water circuit

85 x 185 x 35 cm

Taryn Kneteman creates installations of expanded cinema in which dream-like gestures well up within habitual routines. Her practice is a space for contemplating transformations of water, weather, and porous boundaries of the body. She combines video, sound, paper, and architectural forms such as doorways and windows in her work. 

Weather phenomena occur in the external environment and also inside the body, physiologically and emotionally. Water is a material that connects these systems, such as through tears. This installation is a fountain where water flows through altered light fixture covers. It’s part of a series of fountain sculptures created during the residency at GlogauAIR. These new works repurpose found objects, especially those which could have been inside a home, to be reservoirs and pathways for water. The objects are animated by water in new ways.