Meet the on-line Artist // Ryan Zogheb

Introducing Ryan Zogheb (@ryanzogheb), from the United States. Zoghen describes his paintings by refuting their image and embracing the subconscious through haunting expressionist portraits and florals.

Describing himself as reserved, Zogheb says their paintings speak for them and communicates what is not so easily verbalised. Often the paintings evoke feelings of inadequacy and longing, and encapsulates the sense of walking aimlessly alone around the city on a rainy day.

During the online residency Zogheb has been further exploring self portraits and use it as a surreal vessel to unveil and understand the emotions hidden within his painting practice. “By making these works a part of a larger series, you can see the progression in which my feelings may be shifted or warped as time goes on” Zogheb says.