Showcase // Valdrin Thaqi

From the 17/01/2020

until the 22/01/2020

Untitled // Valdrin Thaqi

My artistic practice shifts between Installation, experimental painting and sculpture, depending so on the inspirational source, and the desired outcome itself.

I work primarily in a minimalist mode, with a rigorous approach towards philosophy, existentialism, and absurdity. I am essentially interested in metaphysics, concerning the process, states and events in the real world of space and time.

My choice on materials is often innovative, contrary in relation, and carefully constructed, to the point of revealing so, its function and its relation to the concept. I think of the materials I use and the process itself as alchemical, in the sense that it transcends from a supposed state, to a certain point where it creates new properties and meaning.

Intuitive and poetic in the content, my work involves the audience in a very intimate interaction, in hope for a noetic experience with the context.