Void Scape



by Kayleigh Maimaran


Friday, 26th of January – 7pm-10pm
Saturday, 27th of January – 11am-10pm


Void Scape is a solo exhibition with an immersive approach that invites the viewer into an abstract architectural landscape by using 3D video animation, digitally generated sound and sculptural elements.

The work refers to the current housing crisis in Berlin and the low availability of affordable housing, where investment groups and commercial properties seem to be dominating the housing market. Showing architectural fragments in an alienated void, the abstract constructions appear as empty shells in a space that rejects its inhabitants and purely serves a capitalist purpose.

Along with the visual elements, a digitally generated sound invites the viewer to experience architecture as a complex sensory phenomenon. Creating its own futuristic and alienated psychological space, the work draws a connection between architectural space and emotional space, where buildings appear as dysfunctional objects rather than active living spaces and the cityscape seems to turn into a void scape.


Graphic design: Louisa Clever