Showcase // Tea Eklund-Berglöw

From the 10/12/2020

until the 18/12/2020

Your love is just a minute away // Snow spray and mixed media, 2020

Glassmonster näcken nelken pina café intim snowspray allahelgona allaround same same all in one alone stepp min stepp step by step step it up and a one two three four one more time with feeling live life love u got it.

Everything is just around the corner xoxo Love Tea

Tea is a visual artist based in Copenhagen and Gothenburg. Her works of rearrangements and installations border between the concrete materiality of the object and abstraction. During her residency here at GlogauAIR, Tea has been focusing on collecting materials from the everyday life, mostly walks in the street. Taking observations and materials from the street in to her studio work, processing, deconstructing and reframing it.

Her works are intimate depictions of ways of viewing and dealing with our everyday life surroundings. Wanting you to want to come closer.

Here in this showcase is an invitation to parts of the physical mindmap and ingredients of what’s been cooking the last weeks of her residence period here at GlogauAIR.

You’ll be able to see more of Tea’s work during our [Virtual] Open Studios starting December 18th 2020 until January 3rd 2021.