Showcase // Lena Becerra

From the 05/12/2023

until the 12/12/2023

Carriers (2023)

Installation piece. Glass, thread, silicone, steel, motor

76 x 170 cm


Lena Becerra (b. 1994) is an artist from Buenos Aires based in Berlin working across multiple mediums. Her surgically arranged ecosystems summon contemplation of alternative forms of social fabric in the gestational stage, where the sinister and sublime converge as part of a cyclical call for rebirth. She creates hybrid organisms where the border between gender, sexuality, technology and nature are not defined, as well as notions around the sublimation of imposed structures.

Becerra is currently presenting her research in a solo exhibition titled Dripping Stillness at SpätiBros basement – Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967, Berlin.Dripping stillness, conceived in the depths of a basement; charged with the archetypal force of the underworld—part laboratory for synthetic matter experimentation, part home to arthropods that preceded this work. A dark, humid, and silent ecosystem of oscillating organisms being bred— some pre-living, intrauterus still, yet beating; waiting to be awakened from the eternal dream to consciousness. For them, trans-living possibilities await, where their acephalous bodies will meet the cold steel clasp of surgical interventions—suspended limbs as a result of partial procedures; interrupted amputations conceived for the delight of prosthetic engineering. In the center, an autonomous entity of cyclical nature; shadow-working like the moon. Perpetually self-phagocytizing fluids — an ouroboros with no head or tail, only ghostly matter shifting states: the womb, the portal giving birth, to a cluster of leaky children in cautious stillness—a dripping ecosystem- meta-material.” – curatorial text by Julieta Colantonio