Showcase // Land of YZ

From the 22/03/2022

until the 29/03/2022

Land of YZ

“Drop drills the rock”
salt, glass, worsted, sugar, copper 2022

read from left to right
the braid portal is opening, so we can we what is hiding inside

Land of YZ are resident artists at GlogauAIR from January to March 2022. Alexandra Klara and Martha Maria work together as the Land of YZ duo. Their practice is based on the use of different mediums and materials, Which leads to the creation of an ethereal, multi-layered atmosphere. They often create non-physical acts of creation, picking up those abandoned subjects from which art has departed such as spirituality, paranormal activities, alchemy, higher dimensions, ancient beliefs and anthropology of religions.

Q1_2022_Showcase_Land of YZ_02