Ego Trip

The reasons why artists make work are varied and specific to each person, but I do believe that the reason why people want to show their work comes from a deep need for validation, a need to be seen and understood and loved. I began working with fiber installations that blend architecture and craft to assert the power of a traditionally feminine craft and a vague notion that if you could be physically embraced by sculpture, you might walk away a bit more contented. I learned how to sew, embroider, and darn, and wanted to leave darned work throughout my native New York, small love letters and symbols of home. I realized quickly that this project needed a rebrand, and that I couldn’t presume to mend a city.

Also, I didn’t want to work outside for hours on end in the dead of an East Coast winter. I settled on making small woven objects to leave scattered through cities on Google Earth. Google- a company so ubiquitous that the name became a verb. Google Earth is a project that we are innately familiar with, to the point that we have ceased to worry about any sort of privacy breaches that make have occurred making this. We live our lives online these days, and Google Earth is a literal representation of that. As I inserted my work in these cities, I realized the ridiculousness of it all.

I digitally blew up the pieces, and placed them in some of the most famous places throughout the world; the Pyramids, a research base in Antarctica, Washington Square Park. These objects that started as small symbols love and care giving became monuments to my own ego. The sculptures are lying on their sides, almost lazily and lackadaisically, in possession of a casual but dangerous arrogance that leads them to have a face off with Christ the Redeemer. If you have Google Earth Pro on your computer, you can download this work from the link below. Otherwise, please see a video of each object. I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.