Group1, 2023, Oil on paper, 50x65cm

Slideshow Protagonist01 and 02, 2023, Collage with Silkscreenprint, 30×40 cm


Katharina Langer is a Hamburg-based visual artist, working mainly with collage, painting and printing techniques.

Driven by curiosity, questioning and a view to the essentials, Katharina’s work examines the human condition beneath its surface. She sees the beauty in people’s everyday scenes and transforms them into universal figures reflecting the whole range of the human condition we all are part of. Her paintings refer to the present but also to a past and a future. They reflect the universality of the human condition and the connectivity of everything. Though working mostly figuratively she is always playing with how to lose a form and return to it.

The starting point of a new series is selecting an image from her extensive photographic archive. The archive is an ongoing eclectic research in the field of mythology, history but also everyday scenes. From the images she is creating collages which are the inspiration for her paintings. It is the action of constructing and deconstructing the images several times during the process. She often works with one image over a period of years.

My inspiration
Group 2, 2023, Oil on paper, 65x50cm
Katharina is using printmaking not primarily for reproducing images but as an image finding process.She is always playing with how to loose a form and how to return to it. Sometimes you have to know about the original motive otherwise it is an abstract piece of art.