Showcase // Sergio Femar

From the 29/10/2020

until the 04/11/2020

Freie Vögel  // Oil, spray and pencil on wood , (2020)

Freie Vögel is about where our waste ends, talks about the constant spoliation of nature by contemporary society and about the crisis, the one that is shaking Fermar’s generation.

His works are part of everyday nature and are integrated into the urban landscape from which they were collected. For this reason, his project needs to be connected to current times, the outside: the painting tries to represent the present moment, daily images that cross each other, objects he finds and transform.

But there is something he would not like to miss, this installation is above all painting, a self-referential work with all its physical force, which far from representation brings news of itself and is made for the delight of the senses.

You’ll be able to see more of Sergio Femar’s work during our upcoming Open Studios.

Sergio Femar Showcase_edited 03