Vincent Laju is an artist from France based in Berlin. Laju works on the notion of uselessness, lack of purpose, and experimentation, proposing a sound experience whose perception depends on the sensitivity of each person. Inviting Berliner artists to perform with him allows him to explore the relationship between sounds and visual shapes.

All the works presented in the Virtual Open Studios have been created with ink or pen on paper during the last six months of Laju's residency at GlogauAIR.

During the on-site Open Studios, Vincent will present a sound installation composed during his stay.

Between the lines

Vincent Laju looks into what is often hidden or avoided: erasure, infinitesimal, (almost) invisible/inaudible, uncertainty and emptiness.

In the background is the theme of death, and the spirituality and eroticism associated with it.

A research process, just like the improvised musical gesture.

Opposites come together: articulation and homogeneity, emptiness and fullness, linearity and accident, movement and immobility.

Sound piece 15m 

From recordings made during wanderings in Berlin in different acoustic situations, (metro, footsteps in the snow, market, bells), from the sound of shakuhachi and cello, sound materials have been extracted, giving different granulometries, articulated with spaces and held sounds.