Showcase // Vincent Laju

From the 27/07/2021

until the 03/08/2021

Resonanz (2021)

Vincent Laju works on the notion of sound and graphic space, in relation to the acoustic characteristics of the places in which he finds himself, now at GlogauAIR’s building and its surroundings.

In contrast to our societies’ devotion to overactivity and material accumulation, Vincent Laju examines the notions of emptiness and slowness.
In his residence he composes a mixed electroacoustic piece: field recordings, Cello and Shakuhachi, in resonance with graphics.

This showcase presents a working step, where the graphic gesture is linked to the sound gesture. In the realm of the infinitesimal, he observes how within tenuous sounds and forms, micro-modulations can create unexpected movements.


2021_Q3_Showcase_Vincent Laju_01