Showcase // Matilde Søes Rasmussen & Marie Flarup Kristensen

From the 18/05/2021

until the 25/05/2021

A Race Of Weaklings

  • Video projection 85 x 185 cm
  • Window paint

Macho Bengals. A race of weaklings. Augenkatze with sleep in their eyes, weeping: pussy is for boring people, the asshole is for dreamers! Maybe the stories weave slightly into each other – two become one and the distinction between the and the you seem insignificant. Is any of this at all credible, now stop thinking so much, hang on to hell!

All my life I have practiced crying on command. Mostly when I sat on the toilet and could see myself in the zigzag Ikea mirror that hung on the toilet door. I need to be able to see myself to really get in the mood, to feel sorry for myself. Sorry for all the unfair things that have happened to me throughout life. Sometimes I wave my hands in front of my eyes to get an airflow directly onto the eyeball (it’s not cheating, if that’s what you’re thinking). Then I record myself with my phone. Sometimes I hope there really is someone surveilling me through the screen. Someone who might discover me and my talent. This is also why I keep a diary. In case I should be discovered after my death.

I forgot to text you how strangely happy I am here. It is vastly different in Berlin than on a Swedish mountain top. Here are the most distinct differences I’ve noticed:

  1. In Berlin you rarely see the stars and the moon, but something you never see is the fog.
  2. In Berlin you can’t throw a slug off of a mountain top.
  3. In Berlin you see many men walking the streets with baby strollers. I ask you, if you think that’s nice? You say that you think it is both nice and gross at the same time (it is a mystery to me how men form an identity).

Macho Bengal is Marie Flarup Kristensen and Matilde Søes Rasmussen. They work with writing, video, photography, installation and performance. Their work is the offspring of an artistic collaboration where care, trust, and an interest in mythic female existences are all elements. They like drama and to stick their high heels into the dark mud! /

@b.r.i.e.m.a.r.i.e / @matildesoes

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