Showcase // Carlos Asensio

From the 02/08/2022

until the 09/08/2022

Diptych I: Camino de Mont Rouge. Julio 1957 / Camino de Mont Rouge. Glitch

Diptych II: Camino Refugio Caron. Julio 1957 / Camino Refugio Caron. Glitch

Oil on linen / Transfer on linen

The work I am exhibiting here is related to my project presented for GlogauAIR. It is about the environmental crisis and degradation of nature over the last seventy years. For this I have used the diptych format that presents on one side, an image I painted taken from an original photograph from the 1950s, taken by my relatives. Next to it is an interpretation of this image that has been digitally manipulated in order to represent the current state of the area.