Meet the Artist // Carlos Asensio

Introducing Spanish artist Carlos Asensio.

His practice focuses on paintings and collages and the overarching theme in his artwork is exposing the existing problems in contemporary society which directly affect the human condition and experience.

His newest collection is dedicated to Glitch Houses, this term can be defined as failure in computing where the image field is not considered a software error, but rather an unforeseen feature. Carlos uses this concept of glitch houses to exploit the contradictory nature of the postmodern era.

Carlos Asensio was supported by the city of Castelló.

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Carlos Asensio and I´m from Castellón, a city on the east coast of Spain.

When/ how did your art practice begin …. Do you think where you’re from has affected your work?

I started painting when I was little, around 11 years old, although I started to take it more seriously when I was studying at the university. The fact of being from where I am from and having studied in Valencia definitely affected my work. There I received academic training focused on figuration. On the other hand, I have always had the great masters of Spanish painting as a reference.

How has your practice changed over time?

My artistic practice has evolved quite a bit in the last ten years. From a more academic figuration with great interest in the great pictorial genres and their technical execution towards a more experimental work with a stronger conceptual base. I think it is important to find a balance between the aesthetic part and the discourse of your artwork.

Do you think your art has evolved being a different environment E.g. Do you think GlogauAIR / being in Berlin has influenced your work?

Whenever you move to a different environment/city and live for a while, it´s inevitable to receive all kinds of external influences. The important thing is to know how to process them and choose those that can really contribute something significant to your practice.

In the case of GlogauAIR, it turns out to be twice. On one hand, all the people with whom you share experiences help you grow on the more human side and the city enriches you on the more professional side thanks to the great cultural offer it has. In addition, the fact of being here has allowed me to learn about new techniques within the world of graphics that I´ve incorporated into the project that I´ve been developing.

What are your next plans after your residency?

First of all, finish the doctoral program in which I´m immersed and continue with art production, trying to incorporate all the knowledge acquired during my stay in Berlin.