Meet the on-line Artist // Xinyi Zhang

Xinyi Zhang (@artofxinyi) is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Honolulu, Hawaii. She creates visual and sensory artworks that highlight spiritual themes in the personal and collective unconscious, bringing awareness to the transformational journeys of the soul.

Xinyi Zhang’s project during her residency at GlogauAIR is called the “Healing Garden” (@healinggardenobjects), an art project designed to facilitate personal healing and transformation through visual symbols. The concept is inspired by the artist’s personal experience with archetypal imagery in her art practice, which she uses to heal trauma, release limiting beliefs, and reclaim personal power. The artist plans to construct the Garden as a virtual 3D immersive space that will be accessible to all who interact with it. The hope is that these positive energies will be reflected visually, and participants can request “Healing Garden Objects” for themselves, others, or for specific causes affecting communities around the world.