Showcase // Sol Jee Ahn

From the 17/04/2019

until the 24/04/2019

The showcase this week is featuring work ‘Untitled’ by resident artist Sol Jee Ahn.

My prior interest is how different individuals with various cultural backgrounds interact with certain spaces that have specific function, such as very private place containing dense singularity of someone’s ‘body’. Then, your presence would be the foreign material intervening the originality of the place, as if virus or germs invading into the authentic body. It could be constant subversion of subjectivity – whether you or the anonymous figure owns the space. Recent works are mostly on this sensation of ‘intruding one’s place’, which I extend to the experience of migration, and connect this to a script about a female protagonist contemplating her body as an objectified figure by Others’ gaze.

For the window showcase at GlogauAIR, presented works are traces of past works that travelled to Berlin with me. They are fragments of transparent barriers which functioned as a protection of the protagonist’s body and her obsession of observing her subjectivity. Exposed as a single object instead of belonging in one macro-installation, they finally could gain a chance to speak their own aesthetic language of entity in different environments.

Sol Jee Ahn will be presenting her work at GlogauAIR´s Open Studios on June 21 and 22, 2019.

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