Showcase // Tara Turnbull

From the 11/04/2023

until the 18/04/2023

Showcase / Case Study for Show / Stage Sketch I, 2023
Digital slideshow, screen, and canvas in broken window

This showcase is the window that first inspired the theme of Actress, Tara Turnbull’s GlogauAIR artistic residency and performance process, Les Fenêtres. Her work interacts with architectural features as she builds stages and the characters that play on them. Turnbull takes interest in the window as actress-analogue, container for the uncontainable. Her work contemplates interactions between bodies, lenses, screens, windows, stages, and frames. She reflects upon this new spring, all of the artists and artworks that have been, are and will be in the space, all of the patrons and passersby.

These images are born of travels, experimentations, and questions, all ongoing. These images are continued collaborations with Berlin artists. Conversations between actress, photographer, and makeup artist discuss narrative, styling, poetics of shape and colour. A slideshow format references Nan Goldin as well as a deconstructed frame rate. Raw images speak to the character creation / portrayal process as fresco, a processual part of a space. In broad strokes, the macro gesture of the residency carries the meso gesture of the photo shoot, which is an exploration of subtler micro gestures such as inhaling and exhaling. The shoot and showcase capture gazes, sways and smiles in natural lights and shadows. It snapshots and screenshots clarities, blurs and blends, postures and poses, profiles and landscapes, corset, curls, and organic white hemp silk, swaddled in a canvas curtain.