Showcase // Gionata Girardi

From the 31/01/2023

until the 07/02/2023

Waves in a Window, 2023

Laminated wood, steel, water, light, speakers

170 x 20 x 10 cm


Gionata Girardi is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Torino. His interest lies in new media and technology and how to combine these  tools with different elements.


Girardi is interested in our relation to technology and nature, focusing on physical environments to create a connection between the audience and  machines. The core of his work is currently based on water and sound, combined into installations and interactive systems, attempting to create something that resonates with viewers and draws attention to the qualities of natural elements. 


“Waves in a Window” (2023) is a site-specific installation combining water, sounds and light. It provides a window to contemplate the shapes of water created by a low-frequency composition. The sound is composed carefully following the movements of the liquid and its behaviour. Through the combination of these elements, the piece provides a unique showcase in which viewers can experience one of nature’s most primitive elements in a  new way.