Pilar Dolz and Carlos Asensio: Contemporary creation between two points of light




Date: Tuesday, August 30th
Time: 7 pm
Location: GlogauAIR, Berlin (Glogauer Str. 16, 10999 Berlin)
Free admission until full capacity.


This colloquium, moderated by Alfredo Llopico (Cultural Manager of Caixa Castelló) proposes a conversation between Pilar Dolz, director of Cànem Galeria de Castelló, Spain and Carlos Asensio. Since the mid 70’s Chema Alvargonzalez frequently participated in the cultural and artistic life developed in this emblematic gallery of the city of Castelló, participating in group and solo exhibitions, such as the one held in 2000 “Castellón, Sueño de Ciudad” (Castellón, dreamlike city).

Chema Alvargonzalez was an artist of Spanish origin who founded the artist residency GlogauAIR in 2006, in one of the historic buildings in Kreuzberg, Berlin. He was a conceptual artist who lived and worked between Spain and Germany and that is why the idea of the journey was always present in his work.

On the other hand, Carlos Asensio is the latest artists selected with the Habitat Artístic Scholarship of the area of culture of the City Council of Castelló, which aims to enrich the experience of the artists of Castelló and their projects in any artistic discipline: painting, sculpture, engraving, drawing, photography, video art, through coexistence and interaction.