Showcase // Tiffany Adler

From the 13/02/2024

until the 20/02/2024

Tiffany Adler is a multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her background in art and architecture informs and deviates from the processes by which her sculptures and contemporary narratives are derived from. Adler often uses her body as a vehicle for juxtaposing classical frameworks within representation and form making.

The project, Vitruvian Woman, spars with Da Vinci’s representation of “the perfect man”, a drawing that has influenced young architects and thus the built environment for ages. Vitruvian Woman seeks to exaggerate, skew, and poke fun at classical postures and proportions, as well as their orders. This series lays a foundation for a playground by which eccentric profiles might be interpreted from her shadows. As she materializes into sculptural manifestations, Adler hopes to incorporate tangible signs that give way to the spirit of Berlin.