Showcase // MiCKi CHOMiCKi

From the 15/10/2020

until the 20/10/2020

WHERE ARE WE NOW ? (2020) // Wallpaper, synthetic hair, photography

As one’s grows old, it becomes more and more difficult to accept changes, to adapt and develop resilience. Having been able to remain alive, when many around you have passed, makes you a kind of survivor of your own self. Souvenirs of your past take over your dreams, and drag you back to cities where you felt inspired.

But cities, like human bodies, constantly evolve, and, three decades later, turn up very different, sometimes un-recognizable. You haunt places you used to attend, perhaps expecting similar emotions as in the previous century. A little lost, a bit nostalgic, you are the nameless passerby, alone in the crowd, in an anonymous society.

MiCKi CHOMiCKi_Showcase 03