Showcase // Soji Shimizu

From the 21/03/2019

This week in GlogauAir’s showcase we are presenting work ‘Drive ’  by resident artist Soji Shimizu.

Soji Shimizu was born in Japan in 1983. He is interested in altering formats, structure, manners, and process of paintings and exhibitions. He emphasizes a particular factor: color, material, meaning, relation between painting and viewer, that exists in his paintings. He also makes situations based on his beliefs and as- sumptions,developing his work into installations.

Soji Shimizu shows his new painting series titled ‘Drive’. He mixes multiple viewpoints that include in/out, past/future, or real/unreal in the paintings. Colors, images,situations and memories lend together within each painting.

A car sometimes appears on the canvas. For Shimizu, cars are an important subject because of their inherent duality with both private and public spheres. Mobility is also a key function of cars and, as a result, using this concept as a starting point leads to unlimited possibilities for creating and representing scnenries, ful lling Shimizu’s intent to create works that are anti site-specific.

Soji Shimizu will be presenting his work at GlogauAIR ´s Open Studios on March 22 and 23, 2019.

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