Showcase // Se Young Yim

From the 24/01/2023

until the 31/01/2023

I Hide Tulips within My Neck (2023)

Acrylic on mixed media, cement, 150 x73 cm

Se Young is a sculptor and a painter. Her practice explores vulnerable physicality in space and relationships. Words such as intimacy, dissolvability, and temporality inform her work. She believes that paradoxically non-humans such as machines, unknown beings or objects, can be metaphors for delicate shades of humans. She anthropomorphizes unidentified beings and gives them voice. Their whispers reveal the inherent loneliness of people. 


 I Hide Tulips within My Neck (2022) is a painting which includes sculptural ornaments. It represents zoomed-in intimate moments with a heavy textural frame. Se Young’s daily routine consists of writing dream journals, walking around and taking lots of photos. Through this, she collects images and objects, then re-assembles them into her practice.