Showcase // María León

From the 24/10/2023

until the 31/10/2023

Candelabra, 2023

Candelabra pieces, metal rods

76 x 165 x 25 cm


In her practice, María León (Spain, 1984) explores the power dynamics of materials through sculpture and installation. During her three-month residency at GlogauAir as the Berlin Guest Artist, she will develop an exhibition proposal for the project space titled “Hold My Hand”, that questions the notion of support as a way of resistance. Understanding resistance as a duality that can be interpreted both as a mechanism of protection against a traumatic experience, or as a form of creative empowerment, the works interpellate each other and interpellate the viewer in the exhibition space as an emotional place. In this way, for the site-specific installation in the showcase window of GlogauAir, a structure of metal rods and fragmented pieces of candelabras are adapted to the window through points of contact and pressure that don’t seem to affect the frame in which it is inserted, enabling not only mutual support between the frame and the structure but also new ways of relating to each other.


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