Showcase // Jorge Nava

From the 20/02/2019

This week in GlogauAir’s showcase we are presenting work ‘Where the Bees Sleep’ by resident artist Jorge Nava.

Jorge Nava is an abstract painter who focuses his work on form, color and gestures and explores the language of painting, promoting links between painting and poetry.

He is interested in transforming negative energy into positive energy through art, and that his painting is connected to what happens around him, that it is alive and changing like life itself.

He is working on a new series entitled “Where the bees sleep.” If in his previous exhibition he poetically alluded to the natural need for survival of bees to produce honey, and to the primary desire in humans to look for that constructive energy, now it is a calmer state like bees in winter. They reduce their activity, but they swirl with each other and through their dances and energy, they manage to maintain a constant temperature in the hive of 37 degrees, almost like a human being.

Jorge Nava born 1980 Gijón, Spain, is currently a GlogauAIR resident Artist from January to March 2019. Nava studied Fine Arts at University of Basque Country, Bilbao. He will be presenting his work at GlogauAIR’s Open Studios on March 22 and 23, 2019.