Showcase // Jacqueline Forest Andrews

Autumn on the Canal (2021)

Oil on canvas and paper, 85cm x 185cm x 33cm

Jacqueline Forest Andrews’ piece, Autumn on the Canal, is a representation of the changing colors of Berlin’s plant life and how they symbolize the cyclical nature of time. The veil of canvas plays with light as the sky gets darker and lighter to reveal its shadows and the depth behind it. Andrews is a young artist from Los Angeles, USA.

She often experiments with the materiality of a variety of two-dimensional media. Her intricately layered compositions reflect on her personal relationships, memories and immediate surroundings. During her residency at GlogauAIR, she has been working on large-scale pieces that are inspired by her awe of Berlin as she encounters new sights and cultural ideas.

Experience Jacqueline’s paintings in person on Glogauer Strasse 16th until December 6th!