Showcase // Hu Zeqian

From the 06/02/2024

until the 13/02/2024

Hu Zeqian’s current artistic work is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of images in contemporary painting experiments and seeking new connections between them and the personal or collective emotional appeals of the present. He directly utilizes various imagery which he can easily obtain as references from the endless resources on the internet. Hu’s works are characterized by elaborate hollow white line patterns placed on a false scenic background. He deliberately blurs the solid definitions and historical shackles of the image itself.

His practice aims to reflect our inner thoughts through those images on canvas surrounding danger, loss, memory, death and struggling with painful, fears of the unknown, nihilistic, and pessimistic. Also present is love, gentleness, and sophistication which thrive at the same moment.

These three paintings, Honey Trap 1, Fatal Fantasies and Honey Trap 2, use the poisonous datura plant and a luxury chandelier as the main images. These works depict the hypocrisy, darkness, cruelty, and death behind the captivating and illusionary lights. They also serve as a revelation of the laws of nature.