Meet the Artist // Rosalind Holgate Smith

Rosalind is an Artist, Dancer and Choreographer. She creates performances and immersive installations that investigate touch, exploring intimate experiences between people, place and the environment. Her inspiration lies in her engagement with Contact Improvisation, Somatic practices and moving in the environment.

For her project in GlogauAIR she developed Groundwork an interactive installation in which a suspended black ceiling was lowered down to 1m height. By altering our everyday vertical experience of space, Groundwork will invite audiences to question our relationship with the earth, hierarchy, our sense of weight, safety, roots and connection.

Also, she put together a group of dancers with whom she worked for two month preparing two performances, WithStandingTrees and GroundsOfAgency. With this group they research using their bodies in topics such as post-human community or our relationship with the Earth.