Showcase // Working Hard

From the 09/01/2024

until the 16/01/2024

A Better Tomorrow, 2022-2024

Bucket, lighting, paint, rope, soil, water, wood. Size variable


The project ‘A Better Tomorrow’ aims to discover the unseen immigrant’s social landscape beyond the grand narrative. It consists of the artistic duo  Working Hard’s field research, sound recordings, and workshop with a group of Indonesian fishermen in Taiwan.


For the showcase, the artists reproduce a part of the structure called ‘Pos Kampoa’, the construction techniques they learned from Indonesian fishermen. ‘Pos Kampoa’ is a gathering space in the neighboring fishing port in Taiwan and occupied this space for more than a decade. They made Pos Kampoa their ‘home’ when their ships docked at the port after days, weeks, and months on the sea. Because it was considered an illegal squat, ‘Pos Kampoa’  became an empty space enclosed by a wire fence in early 2023.


Working Hard is interested in using art as a conjunction for creating conversations and shared experiences—to meet, talk, and learn from people about their histories. They emphasize ‘conversations’ and ‘experiences’ with people who have been subject to forms of discrimination and injustice. This shared communal effort of storytelling, documentation, and creation for envisioning and further pursuing a better tomorrow is what brings their work and life together.