Meet the Artist // Anastasiya Gutnik

Anastasiya’s art is based on the confluence of natural materials and found relics. Materiality is critical to her work and often the starting place for inspiration; newspaper clippings from letter exchanges with her grandmother, cheesecloth reminiscent of the curdling milk hanging from her mother’s bathroom sinks, snips of hair from poorly planned haircutting experiments. These become the foundation for intimately curated microcosms.

Working within drawing, painting, and sculpture she choose what medium feels most appropriate for any given project, often times combining multiple. She rarely set out with a concrete plan, and she is interested in the places in her art that evolve through the process of working; where elements crack, drip, ooze, expose. The sense of interior and exterior is often present, both in the physical sense of elements that can be explored and illustrations of interiors such as the underlying biomechanics in living beings.