Artist Talk: Heloisa Pomfret + Charmaine Poh



We are very excited to o host a special Artist Talk at GlogauAIR on November 13th with two of our Resident Artists !

Heloisa Pomfret and Charmaine Poh will discuss their works and practices.

Heloisa Pomfret (BR)
Heloisa Pomfret is inspired by the emotional brain. The physiology of the brain and the charting of mental states are used as inspiration and theoretical support to the imagery and constructs of her work.
Pomfret’s creative processes involves first the translation of the idea of emotional impulses to measurable representation, and then the subsequent translation of this scientific representation back to formal and abstract imagery.
The surfaces of her work are generated with a palimpsest process of erasure through scratches, where layers of paint are removed or erased, to expose the surface beneath.
The processes of erasure through scratches and mending with stitches are fundamental to her art, as these serve as an analogy to the body and memory, where experiences occur and are transformed. The irregular shapes and stitches of the paintings help create works that join painting, drawing and sculpture.

Charmaine Poh (SG )
Charmaine Poh (b.1990) is a Chinese-Singaporean artist, photographer, and writer based between Singapore and Berlin.
Her practice combines photography with research, text, video, and installation, focusing on issues of memory, gender, youth, and solitude in the Asian context. Often working with the form of narrative portraiture, she considers the performance of self and the layers of identity we build. She works with communities in a collaborative process that holds space for introspection, intimacy, and sharing. She is interested in the stories that make us who we are.
She has showcased her work through platforms such as M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, the Singapore International Photography Festival, Objectifs Centre for Photography and Filmmaking, The Taipei Arts Festival, The International Center of Photography, Photoville, WeTransfer, Channel News Asia, and The New York Times. Her work has been supported by institutions such as the National Arts Council (Singapore), Exactly Foundation, and the Global Gender Parity Initiative. She graduated from Tufts University with an B.A. in International Relations, and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Visual and Media Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin

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