Meet the Artist // Clara Gross

Clara Gross is an sculptress from New York City. She is interested in the human body as the boundary between the self and the wider world. It is her understanding that we come to know the world around us through what we see, hear, smell, touch or do not touch, and in turn come to know ourselves; where our bodies start and end, what is us and what is not. As an urbanite, most of life has passed in the highly constructed, man-made environment of the city.

For her project in GlogauAIR she took long walks around the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, where the residency is placed, absorbing images, shapes, colours… she found appealing. After those walks, she would come back to her studio at GlogauAIR and draw sketches of those memories. From those sketches, she would later on make sculptures and experiment with video making, resulting in a collection of impressions an record of her own experience in Berlin.