Virtual Affects // Vorspiel // CTM + Transmediale Festival 2019

From 26/01/2019 to 02/02/2019

Opening: Saturday, January 26, 2019 18:00 – 22:00

Visit: Tuesday to Saturday 12-6pm.

Artist Talk and Finissage: February 2, 18:00-22:00


GlogauAIR is excited to announce a new collaboration with Vorspiel as part of Transmediale and CTM Festival 2019. Greg Kappes, former resident artist in GlogauAIR, b. 1994 (USA/DE), will present a series of interactive, participatory installation and performance works centered around the spontaneous, fluid nature of community building and empathy. Kappes aims not only to recuperate our often strained relationships with technology by facilitating novel interaction, play, and connection, but also to show the possibility of molding technology to our own needs. With benevolent and playful methods, he masterminds a seductive system of approaches to reexamine the ways in which we relate to technology: Do we control our devices or do they control us? In one work, participants are led through a sort of choreography using only their cellphones and instructions provided by a website. This leads to an immersive shared experience that emphasizes our digital interconnectedness. But is this network virtual or is it embodied in the space?