Showcase // Mason Weiss

From the 20/12/2022

until the 27/12/2022

Mason Weiss

Untitled (2022)

 Fabric, thread, beads, and fishing line

Dimensions Variable  

Mason Weiss creates beaded and textile sculptures to explore his relationship with being queer. His experience of metamorphosis as a transmasculine person influences his practice where he engages with topics relating to transformation.

Untitled is a contemplation of coexisting feminine and masculine forces in nature. Jellyfish challenge the concept that the only two natural sexes are male and female: different species include hermaphrodites (both sexes) as well as ones that have the ability to change sex (sequential hermaphroditism).

You’ll be able to see more of Mason Weiss’ work during our upcoming Open Studios on 17th & 18th  March 2023!