Protected: ChaeWon Moon

South Korea

Sensing nonsense from the organized logic is a central idea of my practice. My work acts as a response to the experience of shortcomings when I digest the systems; facing new rules and logic follows with struggle, learning, or adjustment. Imaging enigmatic instructions as tools, I depict failed attempts and unclear conclusions which we experience more than flawless answers.

I focus on inevitable misunderstanding and polysemy happens in communication and exposes the imperfection in interaction through pseudo-manual. I employ structures that supposed to present a concrete and helpful solution, such as assembly instruction or guide book, and pull off images and sentences from them.

By detaching indications from the original context, I fabricate a rebus that refused to be decoded or have a specific narrative. Instead, it features ambiguity and allows multiple speculations. Diagrams and sentences that lost their original context evoke ambivalent feelings: intimate and aggressive, neutral and sensual, caring, and sarcastic. I cut out the cause and result from the work, which is crucial for understanding the manual. I fabricate the situation, not on the track of achieving a perfect result such as an emergency without help or repetitive actions.

Not only do experiences relate to manuals, but also many attempts to achieve the ideal result accompanied by a sense of frustration.

With interest in unpredictability and detour, which placed underneath orders and rules, I interpret the comfort from legibility to plausible indication systems.

GlogauAIR Project
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