Chae Won Moon

South Korea

As I moved from city to city, and country to country, the process of adoption became crucial to me to make myself comfortable in the environment; knowing about the situation around me and dealing with daily tasks were basic but most hard to learn. For me, language was the method that helped me to learn about the surroundings and also the blockage that fades the original meaning of conversation. As I use the language that I don’t understand completely, I started to involve loose connections among signs and their meanings in the work. The situation that is considered as an error in successful communication, such as fragmented sentences, the result opposed to the expectation, or misread information work as a key role in my practice. The series of work features playfulness, sarcasm and allusion, which conflict with delivering direct and clear messages.

I picture the aspect of failure and misunderstanding in the communication as pseudo manuals. During the collecting process, I borrow formats and contents of the significant that is supposed to deliver a clear message or direction. I scatter them and combine them into logically and linguistically conflictive images which are unclear, half finished or vague.

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