Meet the on-line Artist // Sixing Xu

Sixing Xu (@xu6ing) creates sculpture-text works with printmaking elements that explore the relationship between individuals and their everyday reality. She uses banal indicators as sites for nuanced narratives and often incorporates a set of 9 characters.

Sixing Xu plans to work on her project “Materials (Footage)” during her residency at GlogauAIR. The project is inspired by a chance encounter of two Super 8mm reels, one from her last pre-COVID trip to Berlin, and the other a travelogue from a stranger shot in her hometown of Beijing. Through a juxtaposition of the films’ frames, she creates a new adventure story that explores the notions of freedom, global fluidity, and connectedness in relation to one’s ability to move within or from certain historical and political narratives.
The project will culminate in an installation consisting of sculptures, writings, and drypoint prints.