Showcase // Christine Balcer

From the 08/08/2023

until the 15/08/2023

Untitled, 2023

Bioplastic, metal hardware, ribbon

85 cm x 185 cm


Borrowing from the fields of speculative design, fashion, and ecology, Christine’s artistic practice posits textures of alternative worlds. In Untitled, a hanging garment drips into a puddle, a form from which it emerged and will return to again. The algae-based biomaterial can be molded, melted, remolded, and remelted, suggesting a continual process of letting go. Ephemeral and sculptural, this piece is an exploration of the systems surrounding alternative materials, not in their commercial viability, but rather in the textures and rituals of a fictional world that embraces regeneration. 


When the materials of the everyday shift, what new rituals emerge? 


Q3_2023_Showcase_Christine B_1