TAKT Talk Battle


We are happy to collaborate with TAKT Academy to present a round of artist talks with participating artists from both residency programs.

The first TAKT TALK BATTLE will take place at Tapir Gallery on 16th May at 20.

Rory Harron (Ireland), current artist in residence at GlogauAIR

‘Dissonance is the truth about harmony’

«In my artwork, I create parallel micro-worlds – either sculptural installations in surreal environments or bizarre films consisting of edited found footage that explore the human condition. Alienation and division are principle themes alongside oppression and the affects of new media. The darkness of such themes are however counterbalanced by humour, light and harmony».

Da In (Korea), current artist in residence at TAKT BERLIN.

«My specific focus of artwork is reflecting institutional framework of society and its visualization in terms of sensible installation for audience experience and reflection».

Sound Installation view, “Lend me your ears”
Art Path Festival 2017
Tokyo University of the Arts Annual Festival

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