Meet the on-line Artist // Dongyan Chen

Dongyan Chen is interested in the potential of texts, images, and sounds and how these might work together in montages, as a way to construct fictional stories that concern different topics. Her artistic objective is to construct immersive art experiences that are able to engage audiences on a deep level. Drawn particularly to sound and video, she aims to create an experience that can lead the audience into a dream-like state, provoking self-revelation.

During her time in GlogauAIR, Chen would like to continue her current project ‘FACTORY’, which is a bricolage that tells a story about a fictional historical laboratory in an idiosyncratic narrative form. It also involves her interests in juxtaposing and combining the ancient arts with modern technologies, such as video games and social media elements. Apart from this project, Chen would also like to continue exploring more possibilities between Chinese and European art, as well as ancient and contemporary art.