Showcase // Tamara Jacquin

From the 19/12/2023

until the 26/12/2023

Welcome home IV, 2023

Art installation, transfer, wood, metal, LED light

Dimensions variable


Tamara Jacquin is a Chilean artist based in Madrid. Her interdisciplinary practice involves

sculpture, installation, painting, textiles, video-performance, and photography. Her main technique is transfer: starting with a photograph, it undergoes digital manipulation before being transferred onto fabric or wood. This step is the core of her work, which can then take on various forms such as sculpture, art installation, or be further enriched through drawing, painting, or embroidery. 

In her recent project at GlogauAIR, she explores everyday objects and decorative arts from the 17th to the 19th century. Jacquin combines historically laden objects, placing them in a current context by interweaving them with contemporary elements, textures, and vibrant colors. She especially takes care of the dialogue between form and materiality. The aim is to connect with the memories and imaginations that these objects evoke, creating new narratives. Through this process, Jacquin merges the antique with the present, reality with representation, and mass production with the unique and unrepeatable.