Meet the On-line Artist // Bianca Durant

Bianca Durrant, a contemporary artist based in Melbourne, explores the intricacies of collecting culture and challenges the canons of art history. Her exhibition history, rooted in institutional critique and installation-based practice, invites audiences to reassess assumptions about cultural artifacts, ownership, institutions, and narrative.


With a history of residencies and creative developments that include delving into natural history museum collections and creating mock museums, Durrant’s work is a nuanced critique of the politics of display. Her large-scale wall drawings, based on theory texts and collection data points, offer a unique perspective on the artistic process, display methodologies, audience engagement, and the interplay of text and object within the contemporary gallery paradigm. Currently in residence at GlogauAIR, Durrant is set to expand her conceptual exploration of museums and collecting, contributing to the evolving dialogue on the intersection of art and institutional critique.