Meet the on-line Artist // Emma Sarpaniemi

In her practice, Emma Sarpaniemi investigates definitions of femininity through means of collaborative and performative self-portraits. She playfully dives into the relationship she has with the models she works with, to explore intimacy and companionship.

Through her project “Two Ways to Carry a Cauliflower (2021-)” Emma explores women’s self-portraiture by questioning the politics of looking at how women have been portrayed in history by male artists. To free the subject (and the gaze) from certain patriarchal ideals of femininity, she’s creating a playful and tender representation using herself as the character to behave, look and perform her own terms and rules.

During the residency period, Emma wants to step out of the studio-like setting and move to a different kind of environment to create peculiar scenes, inspired by circus, colors and different children’s toys which guarantee a balanced and never excessive outcome.