Showcase // Frank WANG Yefeng

From the 14/05/2020

until the 28/05/2020

The Groundless Protag // HD Single-Channel Video, 3D Animation, Infinite Loop, Acrylic on Wood

Animated characters are deeply related to circumstances in our daily life, and at the same time document and exaggerate our emotions and temporal experiences. The Groundless Protag is a series of whimsical characters created by Frank WANG Yefeng. They derive from our time in the material world, but are confined in their digital stand-alone screens, and constantly attempt to establish conversations with each other. Accompanying the collected phrases of text messages from cell phones, they show gestures of melancholy and confusion. These seemingly whimsical and inexplicable characters resonate with intimate memories connect profoundly to the artist. The characters are not human, but are clearly sentient and eager to vent abundant emotions to viewers. They are uncanny and groundless (in other words, homeless) as they are built completely in virtual space, but they synthesis a unique realism by schematizing the flux of our consciousness, as well as the characteristics of our times and technics.

2020_Showcase Frank WANG Yefeng 2