Showcase // Toyah Robinson

From the 16/04/2024

until the 23/04/2024

Observing & Taking Notes | Sticker Sheet | It Was Like This Last Time I Checked, 2024
Oil paint & graphite on found wooden surfaces
60cm X 60cm | 47.5cm X 5cm | 29cm X 29cm

Toyah Robinson’s work aims to create a visual representation of the intersection of private and public places through painting, focusing on the inherent interconnectedness of strangers due to shared lived experience within these areas. Imagery for her work is sourced from a multitude of different things; graffiti, stickers, found objects or personal spaces such as bedrooms. All this imagery is selected, curated and presented in a way that refines and intensifies the every day and encourages the viewer to take notice of things they may usually ignore.

Painting in a meticulous way allows the work to get as close as possible to resembling this imagery without it necessarily being real – the references used for her paintings are made up of images that are combined, overlapped, manipulated and stretched. In some instances, it furthers a sense of chaos or mess, but in others, it is used to embody the intersections of private spaces and public places.