Transdisciplinary workshops by Lara Ordoñez



Time: 10:00h – 14:00h
Price: 20 € / weekend
Level: Everyone is welcome to participate
Number of participants per workshop: 4 – 20
Language: English 

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Registration is now open for the transdisciplinary workshops given by artist and researcher Lara Ordóñez. The workshops will take place in the outdoor space and garden of the GlogauAIR in Berlin.

The aim of the workshops is to generate spaces for the exchange of knowledge, at the same time as a collaborative artistic textile production

During the sessions, experimentation and research in the multidisciplinary field will be carried out. The goal is to experiment plastically and visually with the materials and traditional techniques of textile production, considering the principles of sustainability and responsible consumption.

The workshop has been divided into four parts according to the content of the dynamics. The price per part is 20€, taking place during the same weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 10.00h to 14:00h. Participants can take part in as many sessions as they wish.

Part 1:

Saturday 26.06 – Dynamics 1: Presentation. Key words: identity, oral memory, textile link.

Sunday 27.06 – Dynamic 2: Identity.  Keywords: Work in space with the textile.

Part 2: 

Saturday 17.07

Dynamic 3: Object and language. Keywords: Language, construction of reality, intersubjectivity, collective narrative, fiber.

Dynamic 4: Photographic oral memory. Keywords: Subjectivities, family imaginary, photographic intervention, threads, embroidery.

Sunday 18.07 – Dynamic 5: Own oral memory.  Keywords: Collective oral tradition, storytelling, graphic/corporal representation, textile.

Part 4:

Saturday 24.07 and Sunday 25.07 – Dynamics 6: Dialogues.  Keywords: Production of collective textile art works.


Participants undertake to comply with the COVID-19 security measures set by the German government.