#letmeshowthistoyou // Summer 2020



Get a glimpse into the artistic practice and process of GlogauAIR’s resident artists with #letmeshowthistoyou, an Instagram takeover. Every weekend, starting Saturday morning to Monday night GlogauAIR’s Instagram will be taken over by Current Resident Artists in the event #letmeshowthistoyou (72 hours in the life of a resident artist at GlogauAIR).

In this way, resident artists are able to share stories about their works-in-progress or what they find inspiring as well as their approach to Open Studios Exhibition. This behind-the-scenes approach creates context for the artist’s work and gives an insight into the life of an artist.


Instagram Takeover by Resident Artists and Berlin Guest Resident // GlogauAIR’s Instagram

18.07 – 20.07.20 // Rosalind Holgate Smith

08.08 – 10.08.20 // Clara Gross

29.08 – 31.08.20 // Susie Fu

05.09 – 07.09.20 // Elinor Sahm

12.09 –07.09.20 // Maria Kubysh

01.09 – 03.09.20 // Mimi Youn