Showcase // Pamela Guest

From the 04/06/2020

until the 15/06/2020

Defund, Disarm, Divest // Animation and Video HD 1920×1080 px, 2’00” 

Following the death of George Floyd, major outcries and demonstrations have followed in the US and across the world. These demonstrations urge the prioritization of putting an end to police brutality and lifting up and protecting black lives.

It’s necessary to utilize whatever platforms are available to speak up about the fact that the police force was never intended to serve and protect the people but to protect and guard property and to enact the continuous traumatization and violence towards marginalized communities.

2020 is a year that has come with a lot of agitation and it’s led me to reconsider my voice as an artist. I believe that it’s necessary for artists, creatives and anyone that is able to communicate visually to also be vocal about the issues at hand and step up in whatever way they can.

Complacency is over.

2020_Showcase_Pamela Guest_2