Meet the Artist // Gloria Jurado

Gloria Jurado was the Berlin Guest Resident for the Summer program of 2020. She is a Spanish architect and artist based in Berlin. Her work combines photography, sculpture and art installations with which she aims to raise awareness of the uncertain future of Berlin.

In her project Berlin Umbau Gloria selects identity buildings in Berlin which are planned to be torn down. She takes pictures of those buildings using 35mm analogic film. Each building has it’s own film which she saves undeveloped. After a while (weeks, months, or years…) she goes back to the space and takes new pictures using that same film. The result is a series of double exposure analogue photografies in which she represents the change and lost of identity that the city of Berlin is experiencing as a result of the gentrification process the city is immersed in right now. For her exhibition in GlogauAIR’s Project Space she also presented pieces of the materials those building were made of, such as pipes and stones, combining like that both photography and sculpture.