Showcase // Rosalind Holgate Smith

From the 30/07/2020

until the 11/08/2020

What Are You Waiting For? (2020), Performance

Australia Dreaming (2020), Postcard Series (8)

Soil Bed (2020), Installation

What Are You Waiting For? // Australia Dreaming  // Soil Bed 


I am working on Groundwork, a project investigating our physical relationship with the earth, roots and belonging. Due to the pandemic I unexpectedly found myself stuck in the rainforest in Australia. Surrounded by the biggest trees I’d seen in my life I discovered new dance partners and through them a deep connection to the land and its life patterns, felt intimately through my movement and the creation of performance, poetry, painting and song. The work presented responds to my dancing with trees including burnt and logged forests wherein I realised also traumatised realities severed from place.